Coast Technologies LLC provides mechanical installation and service for industrial facilities, apartment complexes, hotels, municipal & government properties, office buildings, retail stores & shops, shopping malls, restaurants and catering facilities, warehouses, and other commercial properties. Supplying business owners and facility managers with high-performance heating and cooling expertise, we offer innovative HVAC strategies at competitive prices.

After carefully studying your project specifications, our team of experts will design, install or retrofit equipment that is reliable and cost-effective. Tailoring each HVAC system to meet the size and scope of your property, we reduce energy use while maintaining the comfort and safety of management, employees, clients and visitors.

Whether you require installation of a rooftop commercial heating and cooling system, split-system or ductless unit, Coast Technologies LLC makes it our priority to provide efficient, professional service.  Recommending premium brands and models, we are knowledgeable about all types of mechanical equipment.